5 pieces of Baltic amber with embedded fossil insect

5 Baltic amber pieces with trapped insect fossil 44 million years old

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These are authentic pieces Baltic amber approximately 44 million years old!

What is Baltic amber?

Baltic amber is fossilized resin of pine from Nordic region about 44 million years old. At that time there was a relatively mild climate and the pine forest stretched out far into the Nordic area with trees up to 40 meters high. By resin trapped insects are exceptionally well preserved and have learned a lot of science on evolution between these fossil specimens and our current bugs.

Jurassic Park

All in all pretty suggestive piece of earth history which inspired Steven Spielberg in the making of the film Jurassic Park.

You get randomly selected pieces from a larger amount. All documents contain at least traces of insects, but generally the bugs have been completely preserved in amber.

The amber has a size of approximately 10 t / m 25 mm, the insects have varying dimensions of 1 to 3 mm

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