Baltic amber with enclosed insect in giftbox

Baltic amber with enclosed insect in a nice giftbox with name and place.

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An authentic piece of Baltic amber with enclosed insect in a nice collectors box.

Prehistoric insects

Baltic amber is fossilized resin of pine trees from the Nordic region and is about 44 million years old. At that time there was a relatively mild climate and the pine forest stretched out far into the Nordic area with trees up to 40 meters high. The insects trapped in the resin are exceptionally well preserved and have learned us a lot about the evolution between these fossil specimens and our current insects. The insects trapped in amber are the best preserved fossils on earth.

Jurassic Park

Amber is an interesting piece of earth history which inspired Steven Spielberg in the making of the film Jurassic Park. In this film dinosaurs were brought back to life through the use of trapped DNA in amber.

Healing stone

Amber works as a healing stone which removes negative energy from the body. Wearing amber jewelry stimulates a good mood and reduces depressive feelings while wearing amber.

Size of the collection box

The collection box has a size of 5.8 x 3.8 centimeters and 1.6 centimeters thick. The inside is provided with a foam layer. You’ll always receive comparably content in the boxes.

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