Ammonite, sawed and polished

Opalized ammonia of +/- 112 million years old, sawed and polished, making the various rooms beautifully visible. These ammonites are found in Madagascar.

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Ammonites were a group of molluscs living in the sea, which also belong to the present squid. Nowadays, these animals have their shells inside, but the Ammonites had their shell still outside the body, like snails.

Ammonite pair of 14,5 cm!

The ammonia is approximately 112 million years old and completely fossilized. This copy has been sawn and polished. As a result, the different rooms are beautifully visible. The two halves together form a few and give a beautiful view of how the ammonia, by extending its shell, continues to grow with a room slowly. This ammonia weighs 1700 grams

Fossil ammonia from Madagascar

The most beautiful ammonites are found in Madagascar and can have dimensions up to 25 centimeters in diameter. This ammonite belongs to the family of the Cleoniceras. In some hollow rooms calcite presents crystals. These are actually crystal geodes inside the fossil. Ammonites died just like the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago.

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