Ammonite, sawed and polished 22 cm

Geopaliseerde ammonite of +/- 112 million years old, sawed and polished so the different rooms are nicely visible. These ammonites are found in Madagascar.

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Ammonites were a group in the marine mollusks where the current squid belongs to. Today, these animals have their shell inside but the Ammonites had their shell outside the body, like snails.

Ammonite pair of 14 cm

Ammonite is about 112 million years old and completely fossilized. This piece is cut and polished. This makes the different rooms nicely visible. The two halves  form a pair together and give a good idea of how the ammonite slowly grew, by expending with one room at a time.  This ammonite weighs 805 grams

Fossil ammonite from Madagascar

The most beautiful ammonites are found in Madagascar and may have dimensions up to 25 cm in diameter. This ammonite belongs to the Cleoniceras family. In some hollow chambers grew calcite crystals. These are actually crystal geodes inside the fossil. Ammonites became extinct about 65 million years ago, just like the dinosaurs.

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