Andara Obsidian, Aqua Marina from Mexiko

This beautiful light blue andara obsidian comes from chichuahua Mexico. It is volcanic glass. Because the eruption of volcanoes was no time to let crystals grow, it turned into glass.

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Aqua Marina comes from Chichuahua

Volcanic glass

This beautiful light blue andara obsidian comes from Chichuahua Mexico. It is volcanic glass that is formed during a vulcanic eruption. Because there has not been time for the eruption of volcanoes to let crystals grow, glass has emerged.


If meditation stone represents Andara Obsedian will be able to travel, something that was already used in Atlantis. Let light fall into the stone and he takes you to a journey into the subconscious which will introduce you to your true self.


Because of the clarity and high vibration Andara Obsedian is a good cleanser of chakras, meridians and the human immune system. He works grounding, which is particularly crystal gives children a sense of familiarity.

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