Sea blue gemstone

Nice Aquamarine crystals from Brazil. With its typical blue/ green color

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The name aquamarine comes from the Latin words: 'Aqua Marinus' meaning 'Water of the Sea'. A very suitable name for a mineral that carries the colors of the ocean.

Emerald Family

Aquamarine is a variety of beryl. Green-blue to light blue beryl are called aquamarine. From the same family are: the emerald (green) and the gold beryl (yellow). In Christianity, the aquamarine is associated with Mary and images are often adorned with this gemstone. The Aquamarine on this page is from Brazil and has its natural crystal shape.

Mermaid Legend,

The legend says that Aquamarine came from mermaids and would lead to unconditional love. Seafarers carried the stone to protect themselves during their dangerous travels. They also believed that the stone would help against sea sickness.

Aquamarine meanings

From aquamarine it is supposed that it helps to speak. This can be speaking in public or helping to express yourself. It is also an ideal travel stone and helps with fear of flying or water. Aquamarine as a love stone is the helper in finding harmony between persons.

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