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Gift box with agate, carnelian and amazonite
Gift box with agate, carnelian and amazonite €29,95

Gift box with agate, carnelian and amazonite

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Aura gift box


Carnelian has been a beloved gemstone for centuries. 5,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians loved it. She made carnelian jewelry and amulets for protection and health. The dead also regularly received a piece of carnelian to ease the transition from the soul to the realm of the dead. Carnelian is a stone that makes you happy. The stone can help with chronic fatigue and provides new positive energy. Ideal to be able to focus again in case of concentration problems. Carnelian provides a practical view of things and heals the aura.


Agate has medicinal properties, such as protection during pregnancy, against headaches, skin disorders and balance disorders. Agate is also a grounding, stabilizing and protective stone. Inner peace is promoted for a calm and sober attitude. Agate cleans the aura.


Amazonite is also known as the Amazon stone. This can vary in color from yellow-green to green to blue-green. The colors can be very similar to those of nephrite and jadeite. Amazonite is a green feldspar. Labradorite is a well-known mineral that also belongs to the feldspar family. Amazonite is named after the Amazon River that flows through Brazil. Amazonite was thought to have been found here for a long time. but mineralogists have determined that there are no green feldspar deposits in the Brazilian Amazon. The stones found turn out to be nephrite jade and not amazonite. However, the name has remained. Amazonite does occur in Brazil, but not in the Amazon River. This Amazonite comes from Madagascar. Amazonite has a strong energy that is able to bring out the better emotions and personality traits. It balances the masculine and feminine energies and promotes physical strength and stamina. In addition, amazonite stimulates the artistic ability and creativity. The stone has a calming effect and protects against negative influences and radiation from the outside. Amazonite protects the aura.

Contents box

The box has a size of 18x10x6 cm and contains an agate magic wand of 10 cm, an amazonite sphere with a diameter of 4 cm and a carnelian egg of 3 cm

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