Meteorite from the Barringer crater

Canyon Diablo meteorite for sale, from the famous Arizona crater or Barringer crater in the US. The most Famous meteorite impact crater in the world!

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The Canyon Diablo meteorite hit the earth around 50,000 years ago and created the most famous crater on Earth.

Desert crater

The Arizona crater (a Meteorite Crater) is 1300 meters in diameter and 170 meters in depth and without doubt the most impressive meteorite crater on Earth. The crater in the Arizona desert can even been seen from outer space. The Arizona Crater was the first crater from where it was suspected that it was not caused by volcanic activity. They are doing research for almost a century now, and even today there is still a research institute.


Mega Asteroid 

The Canyon Diablo meteorite is a nickel-iron and, in all likelihood, has been a wandering asteroid in the belt between Mars and Jupiter. Scientists have calculated that the meteorite had a diameter of 50 meters and a speed of 18 kilometers a second by impact. Due to the dry climate the pieces of the meteorite are still remarkably well preserved after all this time.

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