Fossilized poop

Fossilized poop from millions of years old. This turd is called coprolite

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Coprolite is fossilized dung.

Poop that’s millions of years old

This petrified turd comes from the Eocene period and is between 33.9 to 56 million years old! This fossilized excrement was found in Madagascar and is most likely made by a crocodile. Researchers are always very pleased with coprolite because it can tell something about the diet of the animal.

Climate fossil

It is perhaps not the first thing you think of when you look at this turd, but it can tell a lot about the climate in the time they were made. The traces left in the feces accommodate information about the surrounding vegetation. Was it dry or wet? Hot or cold? This fossil can tell!

This poop does not stink!

Like other fossils most of the organic material is converted into mineral and lime. Therefore, this poop does not stink! It still has the same shape from the moment when itwas made, but fortunately no longer the smell!

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