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Libyan glass, moldavite and indochinite
Libyan glass, moldavite and indochinite €49,95

Libyan glass, moldavite and indochinite

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Cosmic set

This beautiful cosmic set consists of a piece of Libyan glass, moldavite and indochinite

Libyan glass

Libyan glass is striking because of its yellow color, but can also have brown tones due to the different sand layers. It is the only Tektite on earth with this striking yellow color and is therefore also called 'gold Tektite'. In the time of the Pharaohs this tektite was already known and was seen as a valuable gem. Libyan glass helps you discover your talents and make your dreams come true. Libyan glass will be protective for experienced and spiritual healers.


Moldavite was created about 14.2 million years ago by a meteorite impact. Such an impact releases enormous heat which melts earthly rock and sand into glass. This glass, which is a mix of the meteorite and terrestrial material, is spread over an enormous distance by the force of the impact. These 'glass drops' are also called tektites. Moldavite is the only tektite in the world with a beautiful green color and makes it unique in its kind! Moldavite is often used for meditation purposes, because of the fusion of outer earth and earthly energies the stone has a high vibration. The moldavite stimulates other crystals and the higher consciousness within ourselves. The moldavite is extremely popular to get in touch with the higher spirituality.


An indochinite tektite is a black molten piece of rock and sand that forms during a meteorite impact. The force of the impact ensures that these pieces melted into glass are thrown away over an enormous distance. After a meteorite impact, it rains glass drops for a wide area. These black tektites clearly show the drop shape of the devastating 'glass rain'. Indochinite promotes spiritual and personal growth, balances chakras, promotes clairvoyance and telepathy and helps you connect with the cosmos and with other worlds and dimensions. Black Tektite is seen as a very spiritual stone that balances body and mind and ensures spiritual development.

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