Ancient gem

Beautiful piece of dendrite opal, a stone that was used in ancient times. In the spiritual world, this stone is very popular.

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The word opal comes from the ancient Indian word `Upala` that means gemstone. In Sanskrit Opal means `precious stone`. Initially, Opal was used in ancient times to make primitive tools and later also ornamental objects. Opal was used by the Assyrians, Babylonians and the Romans.

Dendrite opal

Dendrites are plant like inclusions of metal oxides like iron or manganese that create beautiful black patterns within the opaque white opal.

The effect of opal

Opal is considered as a stone that is good for the stomach, digestive system and the heart.


Spiritually the stone makes life seen as a miracle. Suppressed feelings are released, your mood gets better and worries disappear.

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