Nice decoration for your home

Nice decoration for your home

Beautiful ammonites processed into sculpture. A real piece of craftsmanship which is wonderful in the house.

Handicraft from Germany.

All ammonites are made by hand. They are found in Germany and made to measure. So are millions of years old fossils transformed into a beautiful sculpture that no two the same of his. A unique and decorative sculpture for the home.

Fossil from the Jurassic era

These ammonites are from the middle and late Jurassic and are between 145 and 174 million years old. The ammonites are found in the Franconian Switzerland, Germany. Ammonites were a group in the marine mollusks where the current squid belongs to. Today, these animals have their shell inside but the Ammonites had their shell outside the body, like snails. Ammonites died about 65 million years ago, just like the dinosaurs.