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Ammonites with ribbed surface

Beautiful polished calcite ammonites for sale from Madagascar. With beautiful exposed adhesive structures. Showpiece for the fossils collection.
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Beautiful colored ammonites from Madagascar with visible shell structure.

Polished calcite ammonite

This beautiful ammonite species belongs to the douvilleiceras Mammillatum and is found in Madagascar. The Ammonites are carefully polished to show the beautifully colored calcite that filled the rooms of the ammonite. The bonding patterns that gave strength to the structure of the shell are still clearly visible.

About ammonites

Ammonites were a group in the marine mollusks where the current squid belongs to. Today, these animals have their shell inside but the Ammonites had their shell outside the body, like snails. Ammonites died about 65 million years ago, just like the dinosaurs.

Original shell structure

Remarkable about these ammonites is that the original shell structure is still visible. Not only the bonding patterns, but also the shape of the shell. Most ammonite species had a smoother shell. But this species was characterized by the irregular shape of the shell. It is an asset to any fossil collection.