Dino toy with real dinosaur tooth

Dino toy with real dinosaur tooth

Real dinosaur tooth with DinoWaurs surprise. The ideal gift for kids who are crazy about dinosaurs.

Real dinosaur tooth plus surprise!

We made a nice combination of a real dinosaur tooth with information sheet (in English and Dutch) plus a bag of 'DinoWaurs Survival. A nice gift for a low price. The tooth is a Mosasaur, a saurian who lived in the sea and reached lengths up to 18 meters!

DinoWaurs Survival

"DinoWaurs Survival 'is a game where one can duel with different dinosaurs. Collect at least 3 dinosaurs to engage in a duel with an opponent. In each bag is a plastic dinosaur with info cards plus a card that can be used for a duel. Additionally, a summary of all the dinosaurs that can be collected, plus a manual. Everything is in Dutch.