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Nummulite, fossilised calcareous skeleton of a unicellular animal

Beautiful nummulites found in Morocco. A nummuliet is a disc-shaped foraminifer, a single-celled creature.
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Beautifully preserved fossil chalk skeleton from a unicellular animal

What is a nummulite?

A nummulite is a disc shaped foraminifer, single-celled animal. As fossil from witch only the calcareous skeleton remains. For unicellular animals they could be extraordinary large, up to 10 centimeters. They could grow quite old. some could be up to 60 years old. they grew about 1 centimeter in 4 years.

Ancient money

the ancient Egyptians used Nummulites as coins. The Latin word 'nummulus' also means 'Little coin'. Also the pyramids are constructed from limestone that's rich of numminites

Location and time

Nummulites where worldwide spread. These specimens are found in Morocco. Nummulites existed millions of years ago in the Eocene. About 28 million years ago, they got extinct.

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