Gebel Kamil iron meteorite

Gebel Kamil iron meteorite

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The Gebel Kamil meteorite.

5.000 year old crater discovered by modern technology

The Gebel Kamil meteorite hit the earth about 5.000 years ago, a crater was formed in the far west of Egypt near the Sudanese border. In 2008, the crater was discovered by a team of researchers who were looking at Google Earth pictures. After the discovery a research team was quickly put together to go and see the crater.

The crater

The researchers found a crater with a diameter of 44.8 meters and a depth of 15.8 meters. It turned out to be an iron meteorite that cannot be classified yet in the known groups.

The iron meteorite in figures

The Gebel Kamil meteorite probably around 1.3 meters in diameter just before the impact and weighed 5.000 to 10.000 kilos. The impact velocity is calculated at 3.5 kilometers per second

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