Gibeon iron meteorite in giftbox

Piece of the Gibeon iron meteorite in a nice display box

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The Gibeon meteorite in a beautiful collector's box. Optionally, you can order a certificate of authenticity with the case.

Between Mars and Jupiter

The Gibeon meteorite was three to four billion years ago part of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This is an area where huge pieces of stone, metal and ice are floating around. Some are up to 1.000 kilometers! However, most are smaller and collide once in a while with each other. Like this the stones change their direction.

Collision with Earth

Some parts went their own way and passed regularly within the orbit of the earth. A few thousand years ago there was a collision. Many pieces of iron hit around the Namibian village of Gibeon.

Unique iron structure

The meteorite is known for its beautiful Widmanstätten structure. This is the triangular structure which becomes visible after etching the meteorite. It took the meteorite millions of years to cool down. That causes this unique structures. They are therefore unique to meteorites and do not occure on earth as iron cools down much faster.

Size of the collection box

The collection box has a size of 5.8 x 3.8 centimeters and 1.6 centimeters thick. The inside is provided with a foam layer. You’ll always receive comparably content in the boxes.

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