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Gift box with 5  fossils and a magnifier
Gift box with 5 fossils and a magnifier €29,95

Gift box with 5 fossils and a magnifier

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Beautiful gift box filled with 5 fossils and a magnifier

This gift box is filled with 5 fossils and contains:

  • a spinosaur tooth,
  • a pyrite ammonite from Germany
  • a mosasaur tooth
  • a shark tooth
  • A shark tooth pendant
  • a magnifier
  • Leaflet with african dino's (in Dutch)

Spinosaur tooth

Nice tooth of the largest land predator that ever lived. The spinosaurus could reach a length of 15 meters! That is 3 meters longer than the T-rex. Recent research has shown that the Spinosaurus was also an excellent swimmer, which would also explain the huge ridge on the back of the animal.

Pyritized ammonite

This ammonite was found in Germany in the town of Buttenheim near Bamberg. The beautiful golden sheen of this ammonite is immediately noticeable. This color is caused by the iron ore pyrite. During the fossilization of the ammonite, it is not fossilized but 'hyperritised'.

Mosasaur tooth

The Mosasaur is a saurian that lived in the late Cretaceous (71.3 to 65.4 million years ago) in the seas.The first fossil remains of Mosasaur were found near Maastricht. The Mosasaur is named after the river. This tooth was found in the phosphate mines in Morocco.

Shark tooth

The shark teeth are found in the Kem Kem formation on the border between Morocco and Algeria. This location is known for its many fossil findings. Not only shark teeth but also dinosaur teeth and even whole skeletons have been found in this area.

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