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Gift box with 6 beautiful fossils
Gift box with 6 beautiful fossils €24,95

Gift box with 6 beautiful fossils

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Beautiful gift box filled with 6 fossils

This gift box from 20 x 12 cm is filled with 6 beautiful fossils and contains:

  • a fossil fish
  • an ammonite 
  • a Mosasaur tooth
  • a Belemnite
  • a septarian
  • a nummulite

Fossil fish

The fish was found in the Eocene deposition of Green River Wyoming and is between 48 and 55 million years old. The fossil fish occur in the Green River formation in Wyoming (USA). These originate from the Eocene period (part of the Paleogene period). Because the lakes dried up completely during a dry season, mass mortalities happend among these fish that led into these fossil specimens.


This ammonite was found in Morocco and cut in order to show the differences between the rooms. Ammonites were a group in the marine mollusks where the current squid belongs to. Today, these animals have their shell inside but the Ammonites had their shell outside the body, like snails.


Mosasaurus is a saurus that populated the seas in the late Cretaceous (71.3-65.4 million years ago). The first fossil remains of the Mosasaur were found near Maastricht. The Mosasaurus is named after the Meuse. This tooth was found in the phosphate mines in Morocco.


Belemnites were a species of squid that lived around the time of the dinosaurs. Approximately 70 million years ago they were common in the shallow sea of the current province of Limburg in the Netherlands. The Maas lizard or mosasaurus was at the head of the food chain in this sea.


Septarian is formed by drying out clumps of mud. The resulting shrinkage cracks were filled with calcite. The white calcite stands out nicely against the often dark background and is therefore also called 'dragon stone'.


A nummulite is a disc-shaped foraminifer, single-celled animal. As a fossil only the calcareous skeleton remains. For unicellular animals they could be enormous, up to 10 centimeters. Also with age concerns they did well, some could be up to 60 years old.

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