lunar or moon meteorite

Buy a real moon meteorite! The structure of this meteorite is similar to the stones that were taken by astronauts from the moon.

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Small fragment of the NWA 7986 meteorite, a real piece from the moon!

Meteorite Moonrock

The NWA 7986 is a lunar meteorite. This piece was purchased in 2013 from a Moroccan meteorite hunter and sent to the University of New Mexico in the US for research. The university has established that this meteorite comes from the Moon. The structure of this meteorite corresponds to the stones that where taken by astronauts.

Extremely rare meteorite

The only moon material on Earth comes from these meteorites or are taken by astronauts. That makes these pieces extremely rare.

Size and weight

The photos are enlarged to show detail. The moon meteorite comes in a plastic box measuring 5.5 by 3.5 cm. The meteorites weight between 6 till 16 milligrams. The meteorite may vary slightly from the one shown. You will receive a box with the chosen image.

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