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Moldavite pendants - Sculpted by Nature

Moldavite pendants, handmade in the Czech Republic. Green Tektite and rare stone with high vibration merging terrestrial and cosmic energies. Legally found that there is no damage is made to the nature.
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Handmade moldavite pendant from Sculpted by Nature line.

Genesis moldavite

Moldavite is about 14.2 million years ago by a meteorite impact. The impact is enormous heat quite what earthly rock and sand omsmelt in glass. This glass, which is a mix of terrestrial and meteorite material is spread by the force of the impact over a huge distance. This "glass drops' are called tektites. Moldavite Tektite is the only one in the world with a beautiful green color and makes it unique in its kind! These pieces are found in: Chlum nad Malsi, Bohemia, Czech Republic and have been incorporated into Prague to beautiful unique jewelry.


These documents have been produced legally and sold. It is no damage caused to nature!
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Effect of moldavite

Moldavite is also often used for meditation purposes, the merger of outer earth and earthly energies the stone has a high vibration. The moldavite encourages other crystals and the higher consciousness in ourselves. The Moldaviet is extremely popular in order to come into contact with the higher spirituality.

Rising prices

Moldavite is unique and comes only in one place in the world. The volumes are quickly found and prices are rising rapidly.

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