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Biotite garnet from Greenland

This combination of biotite and garnet from Greenland comes from the oldest rock formations on Earth and has been around for 3.8 billion years.
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Oldest rocks on Earth

Biotite garnet is, like isua, found in one of the oldest rock formations in the world in western Greenland. It exists for 3.8 billion years and dates back to the period when the first life on Earth started. Biotite garnet play an important role in understanding how the Earth's crust was once formed. This is because Biotite garnet forms under a very specific temperature, namely between 550°C and 460°C. For geologists, this is an important fact in unravelling the history of the Earth and cooling the mantle.


Biotite belongst like lepidolite, fuchsite and muscovite to the mica group. Biotite is dark in color and varies from dark green, brown to black and occurs in volcanic rocks such as granite, gneiss and schist.


The garnet is named after the Latin 'granatus' which refers to the pomegranate. This is a plant with red seeds that resembles the typical garnet colour. Despite the fact that a garnet does not always have to be red in colour, this is how it occurs most often.


The biotite-garnet combination helps to build a foundation that serves as a starting point for self-assurance and self-esteem. It's a stone that helps you move forward when you're stuck for a while and creates a sense of security. With the help of this stone you can surprise yourself in a positive sense.

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