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Pure Crystals water bottles for gemstones

Beautifully finished water bottle from Pure Crystals that you can use to charge water so that you can enjoy gemstone water at home and on the road.
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Water bottle for gemstones

Beautiful water bottle made of glass finished with bamboo wood from Pure Crystals. Gems can be placed in the special internal container. We have already put together a number of gemstone mixes, but you can change them to your heart's content by simply twisting off the bottom and changing the stones.

Suitable for all minerals

The selected gemstones are placed in a closed container so that they do not have direct contact with the water. This makes all gems suitable for this water bottle. Also those that are normally not suitable for mixing with water such as Lapis, malachite or Bumble bee jasper. This is called the indirect method, like this there are no toxins in the water. The chosen gems can easily be changed so you can enjoy multiple sets.

Dimensions and content

The bottle is made of glass, with a capacity of 375 ml. The height is 17 centimetres and has a diameter of 6.5 cm.

Available gemstone sets

We have put together the following gemstone sets for the water bottle:


This set consists of strawberry quartz and tiger eye. Strawberry quartz makes you happy and reduces stress and tension. Tiger eye increases concentration, gives you mental protection and helps you make the right decisions. The combination of these stones gives you a calming feeling and makes you think clearly.


This set consists of red jasper and rutile quartz. Red jasper allows you to travel to other dimensions and helps you to attract positive energies and let negative energies go. Rutile quartz strengthens your spiritual awareness, lets you look beyond your own limits and helps you to develop new possibilities. The combination of these stones will take you to a higher spiritual level.


This set consists of carnelian and prehnite with epidote. Prehnite protects the aura and helps you make contact guides and angels. This stone lets you live from the heart. Carnelian is a lucky stone that is full of life force and vitality. Carnelian has a healing effect on your aura. The combination of these stones will keep your aura in balance.


This set consists of tree agate and hematite. Tree agate is an earthy and soothing stone that keeps your life force up to standard. Hematite is grounding, purifying and protective. Negative energy is discharged and the aura and chakras are purified and stabilized. The combination of these stones ensures that your body, mind and soul are in harmony with each other.


This set consists of amber and noble shungite. Amber is detoxicating and provides new energy by getting rid of everything you aggravate and adding new joy of life. Noble shungite absorbs negative energy from earth rays and electromagnetic smog. The combination of these stones ensures that you are stripped of negative energy and charged with pure new energy.

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