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Impactite breccia tumbled stone

Impactite breccia is originated from a 540 million year old meteorite impact in Norway.
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Meteorite impact

This special breccia (Breksjestein), also known as Gardnos impact breccia, was formed about 540 million years ago by a meteorite impact. The meteorite had an estimated diameter of 200 to 300 meters and created the 5 km wide Gardnos crater in Nesbyen, Hallingdal in Norway.

Huge forces

When this stone was first discovered, it was thought to have volcanic origins.  In 1990, scientists discovered the opposite. The force of the meteorite impact shattered the underlying rock and forced it into the ground. Here it filled up cracks and holes which together created the breccia.

Gardnos impact crates

 The rock consists of angular, whitish, granitic stains in a black carbon-rich matrix.  Gardnos is one of the most accessible meteorite craters in the world and freely accessible to visitors.

Working of Impactite

Impactite is an earthly stone with the fire of the cosmos. It is a good stone for trauma processing and helps to land safely after a heavy emotional period.

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