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Nummite the sorcerer's stone

Nuummite is the sorcerer's stone. This stone is used in the spiritual world for healing.
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What is nuummite?

Nuumite is a rare metamorphic rock that consists of the minerals drill and anthophyllite. The stone can  be found in Greenland and is named after the area of Nuuk. The stone is about 2.8 billion years old and makes it one of the oldest on Earth. The enclosed crystals provide the iridescent golden sparkles. 

When was Nummite discovered?

Nuummite was discovered in 1810 by mineralogist Giesecke. Only 100 years later the stone was scientifically defined. Nuumite is found in the rugged mountain area of Nuuk. 


Nuumite has strong links with the wild nature and natural energies. Especially in urban areas the stone can help to regain your connection with nature. In the spiritual world, nuummite is used for healing, divination and soul retrieval. The stone forms a protective shield around the aura and cuts through negative connections.

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