Large Muonionalusta iron meteorite.

Muonionalusta iron meteorite for sale with nice octahedrite structure. Etched with visible Widmanstätten structure, oldes meteorite known on earth.

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This piece weights 126,4 grams and is etched on two sides. One side still shows the untreated meteorite.
The Muonionalusta is a meteorite with a fine octahedrite structure, classified als a type IVA.

Oldest known iron meteorite

The Muonionalusta meteorite is the oldest iron meteorite known to man. It hit the earth about 1 million years ago in northern Scandinavia. Since then the meteorite survived 4 ice ages. It's almost certain that the meteorite is a leftover from a planetoid

Octahedrite structure

The meteorite is known for its beautiful octahedrite structures that occurs after etching the meteorite. These crystal forms arise because it took millions of years for the meteorite to cool down. The structures are unique for meteorites.

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