NWA 6963 - Martian meteorite

Martian meteorite for sale. NWA 6963 discovered in 2011 in Morocco. Real Mars rock that came to Earth by a meteorite impact.

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Small fragment of the NWA 6963 meteorite. this meteorite was first discovered in 2011 in Morocco. Studies showed that this meteorite came from the planet Mars. The total weight of the meteorite is approximately 8 Kilo.

Martian meteorites are extremely rare. The only rocks from Mars that ended up on earth are brought here by these meteorites. The meteorite has been tested for authenticity by the Meteoritical Society in London.

NWA 6963 meteorite categorised as a 'basaltic shergottite'

The meteorite comes in a plastic box measuring 5.5 by 3.5 cm.

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