Chondrite from the dessert

NWA meteorite for sale. A chondrite or stone meteorite from Morocco with magnetic properties.

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This meteorite was taken by nomads from the desert and brought from Morocco to Europe.

Dessert discoveries

Most meteorites are found in Antarctica or the desert. This is simply because they stand out the most in the loose sand or snow. All meteorites from North West Africa are called NWA meteorites. Often nothing is known about the exact location or composition of the meteorite. In that case it's simply given the name 'NWA'

100% Meteorite

There are many classifications in meteorites, this meteorite is not officially classified. The outer structure (melted crust and fault lines) tell us that this is 100% for sure a meteorite. The meteorite is not made from metal what it makes a chondrite or stony meteorite.

Lightly magnetic

It is certain that this chondrite contains traces of iron, this gives it the red-brownish color. It is also lightly magnetic.

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