Meteorite pendant, Sculpted by Nature, Campo del Cielo

Real meteorite pendant buy? Campo del Cielo meteorite for sale. Iron meteorite from Argentina. Sculpted by nature meteorite line for sale.

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Sculpted by nature meteorite pendants from the Campo del Cielo meteorite.

Unique in the world

The Sculpted by nature jewelry are always unique, there none the same in the world. This is because they are not produced by humans but by nature itself. With a small adjustment it's crafted to a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry. The Sculpted by nature meteorite line consists of fragments from the Campo del Cielo meteorite.

26 craters

This iron meteorite hit the earth about 5.000 years ago at the border of the provinces of Chaco and Santiago del Estero in Argentina. around the impact area arose 26 craters over an area of 60km². The largest crater has a diameter of 70 meters and is approximately 5 meters deep.

Fragments of the sun?

The former residents thought the iron debris came from the sun. And called the place of impact "Campo del Cielo" ( "Field of Heaven"). In 1576, the meteorite was (re) discovered by the Spaniards.

Nice quality

These newly found pieces at ten centimeters deep without still water. This causes rust to have almost no effect on these meteorites. This meteorite exists besides iron (Fe) of: 6.67% Ni, Co was 0.43%, 0.25%, P 87 ppm Ga, 407 ppm Ge, and 3.6 ppm Ir.

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