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Royal blue topaz pendant
Royal blue topaz pendant €19,95

Royal blue topaz pendant

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Sun god Ra

Topaz belongs to the list of precious stones next to the diamond, ruby, aquamarine and opal. In its natural form, topaz is colorless or white. It is precisely because of various impurities that topaz gets its beautiful colors. Man has been fascinated by this gem for 2000 years. The use of topaz goes back to the ancient Egyptians. At the time, it was believed that the yellow god Topaz got its golden hue from the Sun God Ra.

Diamonds and topaz

Over the centuries, topaz has been used extensively as a gem, first rough and later in cut form. Yet it was not always easy to distinguish between diamonds or topaz. This was shown by research into various crown jewels. A number of assumed diamonds turned out to be topaz. The most beautiful top aces are found in Sri Lanka, Brazil and the Ural Mountains (Russia). Our topaz is from Brazil and of course has no color. The different colors have been given beautiful names over the years. This is the name of the blue topaz: Royal Blue (royal blue) and the yellow / orange topaz: Imperial Topaz (imperial topaz)

Invisible and inspiration

According to the ancient Greeks, the wearer of Topaz gained more strength and the stone could make the bearings invisible in desperate times. Both the Greeks and the Romans associated the imperial topaz with the sun god. Imperial topaz is the birthstone for archers and symbolizes the 23rd wedding year. Furthermore, topaz is a very inspiring stone that easily helps you with inspiration and new ideas.

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