Nice jewelry

Nice jewelry

Various necklace pendants made of: moldavite, gold tektite, amber and a real meteorites.

Unique in every way

On this page you find unique and special necklace pendants. All pendants are from the Sculpted by Nature line. Created by nature and turned with a small adjustment into an attractive piece of jewelry. Because nature (and not man) has determined the design, all pieces 100% unique!

Wonderful gift

The pendants are carefully selected by us so that you get only the best quality. There are not two the same on the whole world, this gives each pendant its own character. A perfect gift for a loved one or a beautiful piece of jewelery for yourself.

Economically priced

Becasue we let nature to do all the work we can offer this jewelry at an affordable price. This makes the pendants not only special but also attractively priced!