Jewellery with wood and amber

Jewellery with wood and amber

Wood and Amber go well together. Both are light materials and the combined colors are beautiful. Especially when it is made by a specialist. All offered jewelry are handmade in Lithuania by a fourth generation woodworker. His father started to work also with amber. The result is a piece of pure craftsmanship.

Fossilized resin

Baltic amber is fossilized resin of pine trees from the Nordic region and is about 44 million years old. At that time there was a relatively mild climate and the pine forest stretched out far into the Nordic area with trees up to 40 meters high.

About the jewelry

The used amber is all Baltic and the used wood is: Wenge (dark) or Zebrano (lighter with stripes). The pendant or earrings are from .925 sterling silver. Some jewelry have a black leather cord.

Working of amber jewelery

Amber works as a healing stone which removes negative energy from the body. Wearing amber jewelry stimulates a good mood and reduces depressive feelings.