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Heliolite or sunstone and moonstone
Heliolite or sunstone and moonstone €9,95

Heliolite or sunstone and moonstone

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Plagioclase feldspar

Heliolite is known under the name sun stone. Its scientific name is plagioclase feldspar and is related to moonstone and labradorite. The orange colors in this stone are caused by the presence of hematite and goethite crystals. These minerals also provide the orange sparkles. It is therefore because of these colors that the stone has been given the name 'Sunstone'.

Travel to Valhalla

The name Heliolite was given to the stone in 1801 by the mineralogist Jean-Claude Delamétherie. A combination of the Greek words helios (sun) and lithos (stone). Already in the ancient Greeks the stone was associated with the god of the sun and was worn as an amulet for luck, prosperity and wealth. This stone has also been found in tombs of the Vikings. Heliolite would assist in the journey to Valhalla.

Effect of sun stone

Sunstone is a positive stone that shows you the bright side of life. Dull thoughts diminish and a positive view of the future arises. It is a pleasant stone to work with in healing or gemstone therapy.

What is Moonstone?

Moonstone is an orthoclase with albite inclusions from the feldspar group that have formed thin layers during cooling. It is these layers that refract the light and give the stone its typical shine. Pure moonstone is white, but can also be green, blue, red or even black due to a mix with other minerals

Popular gem

Moonstone was already a popular gemstone in Roman times. These stones were believed to have been formed by the moon's rays and turned them into amulets and ornaments. Moonstone was also widely used in the Art Nouveau art movement.

Operation of moonstone

Moonstone helps to balance your emotions, it converts negative emotions such as lethargy into action. It gives energy to tackle problems. Rainbow moonstone makes contact with the goddess in you and contains a lot of feminine energy. The stone represents fertility and learns to trust (female) intuition. It helps to find balance in life and in the cycles.

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