Mars meteorite

Mars meteorite

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Stones of Mars

The famous Tissint meteorite fell to Earth on July 18, 2011 near Tata, an oasis in Morocco. Research has shown that the meteorite comes from the planet Mars! The isotopes in the meteorite are similar to the Martian atmosphere. The Tissint meteorite is the only meteorite which was found to be from Mars. Other meteorites with often less descriptive names like NWA6963 after investigation classified as coming from the planet Mars.

How are rocks from Mars on Earth?

How are rocks from Mars actually visit Earth? This can be done by huge impacts on the red planet. Because the gravity on Mars is much lower prop are pieces of march and then the meteorite landed on Earth.

Rare material

The only Martian material present on Earth comes from meteorites that makes these pieces of extremely rare. These meteorites fall into the class: Shergottiet