Ammonites in many forms and sizes

Ammonites in many forms and sizes

Ammonites were a group of marine mollusks where the current squid also belongs to. Nowdays squids have their shell inside but the Ammonites had their shell outside their body, just like snails.

Origin of the ammonites

The first Ammonites appeared about 410 million years ago and became very successful. They appeared in oceans worldwide in large numbers. Like the dinosaurs, ammonites got extinct about 65 million years ago.

The house of an Ammonite

The Ammonites house consists of rooms. Whenever the hard case was too small for the animal it built a new room that was larger than the previous one. The animal always lived in the last build room. The empty rooms could be filled with water or gas. Like that the ammonite could travel between the surface and the bottem of the sea.

Origin of the Name

The ammonites name is derived from the ancient Egypt god ‘Amon’. Amon was often portrayed with rams horns. The fossils apparently looked a lot like those horns giving them the name "Ammonite".