A mineral is a substance that occurs in nature in a solid form. Most of the minerals form a crystalline structure, but this is not necessarily.

Rock and chemical elements

Minerals usually occur in rocks, but all the chemical elements are included in this group. There are already more than 5000 kinds of minerals known. Many of these are very rare. Often we find a specific mineral in a small geographical area. But there are also minerals that occur in large numbers around the world that can be used by in the industry.

collecting minerals

For centuries men collected minerals. They use it for the construction of houses or as a collectible. We also make jewelry or amulets from minerals for thousands of years now. It is therefore not surprising that it is still quite commen to collect minerals.

Healing and gem therapy

Many minerals have a positive healing effect. Gemstone therapy is very popular, but also spiritual healing gains in popularity. Many people are trying to learn more about themselves and make a grateful use of the treasures of the earth for this.