Selenite, for light energy

Selenite, named after the Greek goddess of the Moon: Selene. Selenite is soft and can be scratched with a nail. Selenite promotes purity and honesty and dissolves energy blockages. Read more.

Selenite, beautiful mineral to work with

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Goddess of the Moon

Selenite is the crystal appearance of gypsum and best known in the white form (satin spar) or as a desert rose. When mixed with with other minerals, selenite can also take on colours such as orange, pink, green or even blue. The name selenite comes from the Greek goddess of the Moon: Selene

Largest crystals in the world

Selenite is a relatively soft mineral, the surface of a crystal can be scratched with your fingernail. The largest crystals in the world are selenite crystals and have been found in a cave 300 meters underground near the Mexican town of Naica.

Working of selenite

Selenite radiates light energy and promotes purity and honesty. It clears energy blockades and forces the user to be honest with himself. Also, negative energy is cleared and opens the connection to the higher chakras.

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