Pallasite with olivines

Pallasite with olivines

Beautiful Seymchan pallasite meteorites.

Olivine crystals

The Seymchan meteorite was first found in 1967 in Magadam Russia. Initially it was thought that it was an iron meteorite. However, subsequent discoveries showed that approximately 20% of the meteorite contains olivine crystals and that classified the meteorite as a pallasite (stone-iron). In these pieces, the olivine crystals are embedded in nickel iron.

Rare beauty

Pallasites are very rare, less than 1% of all meteorites are classified as such.These meteorites are very sought after by collectors because of its rarity and beautiful appearance.

Pay attention

All offered meteorites are treated against corrosion but must be kept with care. Preferably, in an environment with a low humidity. All the pieces are shipped in a box with a foam layer.