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Buy fluorite into slices and Octahedron, beautifully colored fluorite sliced, polished
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Fluorite is a particular mineral. It comes in many colors and can occur in the cube, octahedron or dodecahedron.

Fluorescent mineral

The name 'fluorescence is derived from the mineral. Often fluorite will be lit at ultra violet light. The Fluor element takes its name from this stone. This was first discovered in fluorite.

Detailed operation of Fluorite

Fluorite is considered a protective and stabilizing stone that increases self-confidence and helps bring structure in your life. It is a perfect stone to wear while studying as he promotes concentration. The stone protects and cleans for example electromagnetic radiation from computers and cell phones. He has a positive effect on joint problems and rheumatism, he relieves the pain of shingles and other nerve pains. He also has a beneficial effect on acne and mucus membranes.