Canyon Diablo meteorite from the Arizona crater

Canyon Diablo meteorite for sale from the famous Arizona crater, the Barringer crater witch is the most famous crater in the world. Read more.

Canyon Diablo meteorite for sale, from the famous Arizona crater or Barringer crater in the US. Most famous meteorite im...

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The Canyon Diablo meteorite made the most famous crater on Earth about 50,000 years ago.

Famous crater

The Arizona crater (or Barringer crater) is without a doubt the most impressive meteorite crater on earth with 1300 meters in diameter and 170 meters in depth. The crater is located in the Arizona desert and can even be seen from space. The Arizona crater was the first crater that was suspected not to have been caused by volcanic activity. It has been the subject of research for almost a century and even today there is still a research institute.

Meteorite impact of 18 km per second

The Canyon Diablo meteorite falls into the class Nickel-iron and has, in all probability, been a wandering asteroid from the belt between Mars and Jupiter. Scientists have calculated that the meteorite had a diameter of 50 meters and struck at a speed of 18 km per second. Due to the dry climate, the pieces of meteorite are still remarkably well preserved after all this time.

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