Danburite, the high-vibration stone

Danburite is a mineral with prismatic crystals. It has unique metaphysical properties and is loved by collectors and jewellers as a gemstone. Danburite helps process emotions and reduce stress. Read more.

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Calcium-boron-silicate mineral

Danburite is a calcium-boron-silicate mineral that forms small prism crystals similar to Topaz. The colour can range from white to pale yellow to a light shade of brown. Hardness is 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Transparent danburite is popular with jewellers and a clear and well-cut danburite can fetch up to thousands of euros.

Rare find in 1839

Charles Shepard first discovered danburite in 1839 and named it after the location where it was found, Danbury, Connecticut, USA. Later, the mineral was also found in Russia, Mexico, Bolivia, Myanmar, Japan, Madagascar and Pakistan. It is a favourite mineral with collectors because of its rarity and unique metaphysical properties.

Danburite the high-vibration stone

Danburite is a high-vibration stone that activates and aligns the heart and crown chakra. It promotes a clear and conscious mind, allowing emotions to be processed better and decisions to be made more easily. Danburite also helps reduce stress and provide structure during difficult times. In addition, the stone helps to recognise and understand negative energies so they can be avoided.

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