Gembone, fossil dinosaur bones

Gembone is a dinosaur bone that has been petrified. This is done by minerals that have replaced in the bone over time. These special petrified and polished bones have been found in Colorado. Read more.

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From dinosaur to mineral

Gembone or dinogem, is a petrified bone of a dinosaur, formed when minerals from groundwater are deposited in the bones. The formation of gembone takes place over a period of millions of years. When a dinosaur dies and its bones end up in the ground, minerals from groundwater can slowly penetrate the bones. In the process, the original organic materials are replaced by minerals. Gembone is among the five gemstones derived from organisms, along with pearls, ammolite, amber and git.

Colorado USA

These tumbled dinosaur bones were found in the US state of Colorado. Their diverse colour palette is the result of the variety of minerals that were present in the sediment in which they were found. Well-known minerals such as agate, quartz and pyrite, as well as opal and calcite, have replaced the original cellular structure of the dinosaur bone. This process transforms the ancient bone into a colourful mineral with a very special history!

Scientific applications

Scientists can also use gembone to research the anatomical structure of extinct species. By studying the fossilised bones, they can learn more about the dinosaurs' habitat, feeding patterns and evolution.

Gembone healing properties

Gembone is a stone with a magical attraction that helps in letting go of the past. It calms anxiety and helps in communication and understanding messages. Gembone helps you stay true to your beliefs and follow your heart. It is an excellent stone to carry with you or have around you for relieving stress and tension.

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