Rocks from space

Rocks from space

Meteorites are pieces of space debris that fell on earth. Before a meteorite hits the earth, it must first pass through the atmosphere, it causes a lot of heat causing most of the pieces are already burnt out before they hit the ground. Only the rock strikes actually called a meteorite.

What kind of meteorites are there?

We can roughly distinguish three different types of meteorites: iron meteorites, stony meteorites and pallasites (mix of stone and iron). Additionally meteorite impact glass is also often referred to as a meteorite. This latter variant is a mixture between rock and terrestrial and extraterrestrial material that is fused to the power of the meteorite impact.

Wish upon a shooting star

If a meteor or meteorite falls through the atmosphere makes this a white stripe behind. This is erroneously called a shooting star. Actually this is not a star but a piece of space debris. It is often said that you can make a wish in this phenomenon. Meteorites are therefore, in addition to a popular collector's item, also a perfect gift for someone you want to wish for something special.