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20% discount on real dinosaur teeth during the Crazy Dino days

During the Crazy Dino days we give discount on real dinosaur teeth! We have photographed each tooth separately, so you know exactly which one you receive!
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Nice teeth of the largest land predator that ever lived. The spinosaurus could reach a length of 15 meters! That is 3 meters longer than the T-rex. Recent research has shown that the Spinosaurus was also an excellent swimmer, which would also explain the huge ridge on the back of the animal. The teeth are long and pointy.


The Mosasaur is a marine reptile that populated the seas in the late Cretaceous (71.3-65.4 million years ago). The first fossil remains of the Mosasaur were found near Maastricht. The Mosasaurus is named after the Meuse. These maritime reptiles were one of the largest of their kind and could grow up to 18 meters long! The teeth are short and often curved. 


The Plesiosaurus was a remarkable ocean inhabitant who belonged to the Plesiosauria. This group within the Dinosauria developed into a thousand different species, some of which have only existed for a few million years. The most striking feature of the Plesiosaurus is the long neck of the animal and the four limbs that formed into a kind of fin. The teeth are long, slender and often bent.


220 million years ago the first Pterosaurs emerged and 66 million years ago they died out together with the dinosaurs. The Pterosaurian is a flying reptile that was not a dinosaur itself, but was closely related to it. Of the animals still living today, they look most like crocodiles and birds. Teeth are often small and pointed

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