Teeth of the extinct Plesiosaurus

Ponty dinosaur teeth of the Plesiosaurus. The ocean inhibitor with the long neck. Read more.

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The Plesiosaurus was a reptile that lived in the oceans during the time of dinosaurs.

Long-necked Ocean dinosaur

The Plesiosaurus was a remarkable ocean inhibitor. They belonged to the Plesiosauria group. This group within the Dinosauria developed up to a thousand different species, some existed for only a few million years. The most striking of the Plesiosaurus is the long neck and the four limbs that often formed to a kind of fins.

Pointy teeth

The head was relatively small in relation to the rest of the body. The teeth of the Plesiosaurus were thin and pointy and therefore ideal for catching slippery sea creatures. The Plesiosaurus lived on the surface of the water where the most food was available. These teeth are found in the Kem Kem formation at the border of Morocco and Algeria.

Log-Ness Monster

The Plesiosaurus became famous with the Log-Ness's monster, which was claimed to be a Plesiosaurus who survived the mass extinction 65 million years ago. However, no evidence has been found for this.

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