Pollucite a rare zeolite

Pollucite, a zeolite mineral, is a source of cesium and rubidium. Named after a figure in Greek mythology, it stimulates mental clarity, heart chakra, endurance and perseverance. Read more.

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Pollucite and zeolite

Pollucite belongs to the zeolite group and consists of caesium, sodium, aluminium, silicon, oxygen and water. It is a major source of caesium and sometimes rubidium. The mineral is usually colourless or white, but can also take on shades of light grey, light pink, light blue or pale violet. Despite the relative softness of most zeolites, pollucite has a hardness of 6.5 on the Mohs scale, and bright pieces are cut into gemstones.

Pollucite and Greek mythology

Pollucite gets its name from Pollux, a figure in Greek mythology and the brother of Castor. Pollucite and Castorite (now known as Petalite) were often found together in lithium-rich granite pegmatites. But the comparison with mythology does not end here! According to mythology, Pollux was immortal, while Castor was mortal. So it went with the name "castorite": it was replaced by "petalite", while the name pollucite still exists!

The benefits of pollucite

Pollucite increases mental clarity and stimulates and purifies the heart chakra. It promotes endurance, perseverance and tenacity. Sailors wear the crystal during their sea voyages for protection. Moreover, pollucite can promote kinship between all people and bring happiness and prosperity. It is a good stone for contacting angels through meditation.

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