Beautiful serpentine from China
Beautiful serpentine from China

Beautiful serpentine from China

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Serpentine, with its green colour reminiscent of a snake, has been popular for centuries for making decorative objects and is known as a crystal that brings inner peace.

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What is Serpentine?

Serpentine is a collective name for a group of minerals primarily green to brown in color, and having a fibrous structure. The name is derived from the word 'serpent,' which means 'snake,' due to the resemblance in color and texture to a snake's skin. This group of minerals is found in ultramafic rocks that have been transformed through the process of serpentinization. Serpentine minerals are often rich in iron and magnesium, and possess a characteristic shiny to silk-like luster. They are also known for their flexibility and toughness, distinguishing them from other minerals.

What is Serpentinization?

Serpentinization is a geological process whereby ultramafic rocks, such as peridotite and pyroxenite, react with water and are transformed into serpentine minerals like lizardite, chrysotile, and antigorite. This process occurs under low temperatures and pressures within the Earth's crust, and results in the formation of serpentine, magnetite, and other minerals, while simultaneously producing hydrogen and methane. Serpentinization can lead to the complete transformation of the original rock, drastically altering its structure and composition. It is a significant process that contributes to the chemical and physical changes in the Earth's crust and has implications for both geological and biological systems.

Use of Serpentine

Due to its attractive appearance and relative softness, serpentine is often used for crafting artworks, jewelry, and decorative items. It is also utilized as a building material for tiles, countertops, and as a substitute for marble in some applications. The unique color and texture of serpentine make it a popular choice for many aesthetic and functional applications. In some cultures, serpentine is also used for carving seals and amulets, owing to its ability to retain fine details and its resistance to wear. The serpentine offered by the Barnsteen Specialist contains no chrysotile!

Spiritual Properties of Serpentine

Serpentine is often associated with spiritual and healing properties. It provides protection and aids in finding inner peace and warding off negative energies. The stone is also used for meditation and energy work, assisting in opening spiritual pathways and promoting a sense of harmony and balance. Serpentine is also associated with activating Kundalini energy, a spiritual energy located at the base of the spine that can be awakened for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Connection to the Natural World

The natural radiance and earthly colors of serpentine enhance the connection to nature and earthly energies. It is often used in spiritual practices to promote a deeper connection to the natural world. The stone is also associated with the ability to help restore natural balance and promote a sense of wellbeing and wholeness. The resonance of serpentine with the earth makes it a powerful ally for those wishing to deepen their bond with the natural world and expand their understanding of the cycles and rhythms of the earth.

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