Isua is one of the oldest minerals on Earth

These ancient stones date from the time that life was created and contain a lot of information about Mother Earth. Read more.

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3.8 billion years old

Isua is found on the southwest coast of Greenland in the 'Greenstone' formation. These rocks are the oldest in the world and exist already for 3.8 billion years. This is as long ago as the emerging of first life. A special piece of Earth's history!

Origin of life on Earth

The Isua stone consists of volcanic rock, sediment and iron and has remained unchanged all this time. Since the discovery of this formation in 1960, it has provided a lot of information about the Earth's surface and the origin of life on our planet.

Cosmic bombardment

Isua and the 'Greenstone' formation are also the subject of discussion about how life on Earth originated. These rocks are as old as the last big cosmic bombardment. There are theories that state that this bombardment brought the building blocks of life to Earth.

Working of isua

Isua is a strong Grounding Stone that gives balance and anchors. It is a good protector against negativity and puts you with both feet firmly on the ground. The Isua stone contains the ancient wise earthly truths.

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