Diaspore crystals

Beautiful clear and violet coloured diaspore crystals. Resonates with the higher chakras, stimulates memory and helps remembering dreams. Read more.

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Clear Violet crystals

Diaspore is an important mineral in the extraction of aluminium. Most diaspores are colourless, white, green-grey, grey-brown or yellow. Diaspore in violet hues with high clarity are rare and sought after as gemstones. In Turkey, zultanite is found, a purple diaspore that changes colour. Also in Afghanistan a purple/pink diaspora is found with a lesser degree of colour change. This diaspore was found in Afghanistan.


The name diaspore comes from the Greek language and means 'scattering'. When diaspore is heated under a flame it disintegrates into white pearly scales. It is, as it were, scattered. Other names for diaspore are: diasporite, empholite, kayserite or tanatarite.

High vibration crystal

Diaspore is considered a high-vibration crystal that resonates with the higher chakras. It is a perfect crystal for stimulating the mind and keeping the memory in optimal condition. Ideal for students or the elderly whose memory is deteriorating. Keep a diaspora nearby at night and it can help you remember dreams.

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