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NWA 7831 from the Vesta asteroid

Meteorite related to the Tatahouine found in the Western Sahara, only 20 kilos of known material. Beautiful green in color.
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Diogenite meteorite

The NWA 7831 is a beautiful green meteorite that is classified as a diogenite. It has a lot of similarity with the Tatahouine meteorite from Tunisia. However, the green crystals of this meteorite are less transparent and have a clear glance on the fission surfaces. In all probability this meteorite also originates from the Vesta Asteroid.

Found in the desert by nomads

In March 2013, the meteorite was discovered in the Western Sahara desert by nomads. They took the remarkable green stones with them. Later it was officially classified as meteorites under the official name: NWA 7831. NWA stands for North West Africa. In total only 20 Kilograms of this meteorite is known, none of which has a fusion crust.

Originated in the Vesta asteroid

From the composition, scientists have concluded that the meteorite was formed at moderate depth under pressure in an asteroid. With 525 kilometers in diameter, the Vesta asteroid is the most obvious candidate. Because of the many collisions with other celestial bodies, pieces of rock and rubble have broken of and started to roam through space. By crossing the same path, these pieces of rock and debris hit the Earth and impacted as meteorites.

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